System with Screw Caps

The tile leveling aid with threaded tabs

The tile laying aid with threaded tabs
Our screw tabs - threaded tabs offer as an alternative to the leveling aid with pull tabs. Also with this product we pay attention to constant quality around tiler and do-it-yourselfers a durable top product to offer. Through our long development and optimization process for our pull tabs, we were able to offer this product quite quickly in the usual quality.

Our tile leveling system with threaded tabs is available for tile heights from 3cm to 15cm in the joint widths 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. With this tile laying system, no leveling pliers are required.  With the pulling hood, the tiles are brought into the plane level and thus a flat tile level is achieved. To protect the tiles in each case the same number of washers is included in the package, which protect the tiles from scratching when turning.

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