Tile Leveling Zuglaschen System

Tile Levelling System System with Clips

Lantelme laying aid with pull tabs - wedges - pliers

Easy and quick to use, just an ingenious tile laying aid. Thanks to the simple and efficient handling, the leveling system is used with pleasure by the do-it-yourselfer and tiler.

This system is suitable for laying tiles, fine stone slabs, granite slabs and marble slabs. It can be used to quickly lay large and small areas on the floor or wall flat and level. In particular, this laying system can also be used on uneven surfaces, such as in old buildings. By leveling the tiles, you can achieve a flat and level tile surface.

The Lantelme tile laying aid is not only inexpensive, it also reduces the amount of work. Annoying re-leveling with spirit level is completely eliminated and the rubber hammer can also be put aside.

Versatile, clean and smooth. The tile leveling system is suitable for small and especially large format tiles, as these large tiles are not so easy to correct. The pull tab breaks off below the tile at the so-called predetermined breaking point, so that nothing protrudes in the joint when grouting.

Developed in cooperation with tile layers. Our tile-laying system with pull tabs, wedges and pliers is constantly being improved and further developed in cooperation with renowned tile-layers. These optimizations take place fluently and we always make sure that all further developments are compatible with older versions.

The Lantelme tile leveling system uses pull tabs / clips for 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm grout width for tile thicknesses 3mm to 15mm or 4mm (XXL) grout width for 13mm to 22mm tile thickness, reusable wedges and mounting pliers with two adjustable axes. All items can be ordered individually or as a tile leveling system kit here in the online store.

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