Tile Levelling System System with Screw Caps

Lantelme laying aid with screw tabs and hoods

Easy and quick to use, the new tile laying aid is like the conventional tile leveling system. Thanks to the simple and efficient handling, the leveling of tiles is used by both DIYers and tile layers.

With this system you can lay tiles, fine stone slabs, granite slabs and marble slabs alike. Eagl whether Wamd or floor tiles with this system can be quickly large and small areas flat and level. Even on uneven surfaces, such as in old buildings, this laying system is ideal for leveling.With the help of the screw tabs and hoods you can achieve a flat and level tile.

The Lantelme tile laying aid is not only inexpensive, it also reduces the amount of work. Leveling the tiles with a spirit level is no longer necessary, the tiles level themselves by screwing on the hoods.

The tile leveling system is equally suitable for small and large format tiles. Since large tiles and slabs cannot be corrected so easily with a rubber mallet, it is almost already a standard work tool among tile layers. The threaded tab tears off below the tile at the so-called predetermined breaking point, so that no remains remain in the joint when grouting.

The Lantelme tile-laying system with threaded tabs and hoods is subject to constant testing by renowned tile layers and can therefore be continuously improved and further developed. With the optimizations we always pay attention to the fact that these take place flowing and always remain compatible with older versions. Benefit from the Lantelme GmbH with more than 40 years of experience in plastics.

The Lantelme tile leveling system is available with screw caps for 1mm, 2mm and 3mm joint widths for tile thicknesses from 3mm to 17mm. The pulling hoods are of course reusable, no pliers are needed.